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TeraGrid allocation usage list tool

A TeraGrid allocated user can use this command to view his/her allocation information

 [johndoe@qb ~]$ tgusage
 Account: TG-STA080000N
 Resource: abe-queenbee.teragrid
 Allocation Period: 2008-05-05 to 2009-05-31
 Name (Last First) or Account       Total      Remaining        Usage
 ----------------------------     ----------  ------------   ---------- 
     Doe John                      100000 SU     50276 SU      4356 SU 

The allocation information can be displayed by using four criteria:

  1. By project
  2. By user
  3. By resource
  4. By jobs run within a specified period of time given the user, TG account, and start and end times

To view usage information please type

 [johndoe@qb ~]$ tgusage -h

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