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parpack, or Parallel ARPACK, is a library of routines for solving large-scale eigenvalue problems.

A User Manual for ARPACK is available on line.

Compiling and Examples

The following examples are currently documented for

Example files can be found in /home/packages/parpack/96/intel-11.1-mvapich-1.1/examples, makefiles should be modified from:

include ../../


ALIBS=/usr/local/packages/parpack/96/intel-11.1-mvapich-1.1/lib/parpack_MPI-LINUX.a /home/packages/arpack/96/intel-11.1/lib/libarpack_LINUX.a -L/home/packages/lapack/3.2/intel-11.1-mvapich-1.1/lib -lblas -llapack 

If you want to compile your own codes, you will need to link to the above libraries.

Users may direct questions to

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