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Version and Availability

The Intel compilers are available on all Linux x86 Clusters, with versions 9.1, 10.0, and 10.1. Note: Eric only has version 10.1 installed.

Using the Intel Compilers

The Intel Compilers are loaded by default, however, if you have modified your software environment, you should add the following lines to your ~/.soft file:

 [user ~]$ cat ~/.soft

And execute the command resoft:

[user ~]$ resoft 
Serial Codes MPI Codes OpenMP Codes Hybrid Codes
Fortran ifort mpif90 ifort -openmp mpif90 -openmp
C icc mpicc icc -openmp mpicc -openmp
C++ icpc mpiCC icpc -openmp mpiCC -openmp

Compiler Options/Optimizations

Switch Effect
-g Enable debugging
-O0 Inhibit optimization
-O2 Default optimization - loop unrolling, loop-invariant code movement, constant and copy propagation, dead code elimination, etc.
-O3 Aggressive optimization - -O2 plus prefetching, scalar replacement, loop transformation, etc.
-FR Fortran 90 free format input files.
-ip/ipo Enable inline function expansion within the current source file or multiple files.
-axT Automatic processor-specific optimization for Intel Core 2 Duo processor family

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