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"bbcp is a point-to-point network file copy application written by Andy Hanushevsky at SLAC as a tool for the BaBar collaboration. It is capable of transferring files at approaching line speeds in the WAN." [1]. It has been installed on all LONI clusters. In order to use bbcp, it must be in the path of both systems where data will be transferred from and to. Add bbcp to your ~/.soft file and execute resoft:

cat ~/.soft


Use bbcp by executing

bbcp user@source:/path/to/data user@destination:/path/to/store/data


  • -P 2 - Give a progress report every 2 seconds
  • -w 2M - TCP window size of 2MBytes
  • -s 16 - set the number of streams to 16 (default is 4)

More Info

The Using BBCP guide is available on line.

Users may direct questions to

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