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Certificate Information

You can view your grid certificate information using the command:


The above command will display your entire certificate.

Distinguished Name (DN)

You can find your Distinguished Name (DN/Subject) only using:

[sirish@l2f1n03] [~]
<> grid-cert-info -subject
/C=US/O=Louisiana Optical Network Initiative/ Tummala

Issuer Hash

To find the issuer hash of your certificate:

[sirish@l2f1n03] [~]
<> grid-cert-info -issuerhash

More Details

For more interesting details as how to use the above command to obtain your certificate information:

grid-cert-info -help

Generating a valid proxy

Initializing your certificate into a working proxy can be done using the command:

[sirish@l2f1n03] [~]
<> grid-proxy-init
Your identity: /C=US/O=Louisiana Optical Network Initiative/ Tummala
Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy .................................... Done
Your proxy is valid until: Tue Mar  3 09:15:28 2009

Reference Documentation

GT4: Security: Pre-WS Authentication & Authorization User's Guide

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