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VisIT is an interactive parallel visualization and graphical analysis tool for viewing scientific data on Unix and PC platforms.

Version and availability

The serial and parallel versions of Visit 1.12.1 is available on all LONI x86 clusters (Eric, Oliver, Louie, Painter, Poseidon and Queen Bee).


To use the parallel version of Visit, make sure you have the softenv keys in your .soft file:


And don't forget to resoft after the .soft file is updated.

The next step is to set the host profile for the parallel computation engine:

Image:Visit_host_profile_setup_1.png Image:Visit_host_profile_setup_2.png

Now, start an interactive job session with the "-X" option so that the X11 forwarding is enabled:

[lyan1@painter2 ~]$ qsub -I -X -l walltime=2:00:00,nodes=2:ppn=4 -q checkpt

After the session starts, run "visit" from the command line. When opening a file, a dialog window should pop up:


When the parallel computation engine starts, the terminal output should look like:

Running: mpirun -np
8 /usr/local/packages/visit/1.12.1/gcc-4.3.2-mvapich-1.1/1.12.1/linux-x86_64/bin/engine_par 
-host painter055 -noloopback -forcestatic -timeout 480 -port 5600  
-plugindir :/home/lyan1/.visit/linux-x86_64/plugins:/usr/local/packages/visit/1.12.1/gcc-4.3.2-mvapich-1.1/1.12.1/linux-x86_64/plugins


A variety of on-line documentation is available.

Users may direct questions to

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