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LONI Portal is unique as it is a combination of grid related portlets and network monitoring portlets.

The LONI Portal can be accessed via

Requirements to Access LONI Portal

First Steps

  • After LDAP account is setup the user can login to the portal.
  • Current LDAP functionality automatically pulls the Full Name, Organization and Email Address from LDAP. User can add the rest of the profile information if desired. This is optional and is completely user preference.
  • User needs to select and save the portlet groups that the user would like to access. This will place the portlet applications on the access bar as individual tabs.

Available Portal Applications and Portlets

  • Grid
    • Credential Registry
    • File Browser
    • Job Submission
    • Resource Browser
  • Allocations
  • Grid Monitoring
    • Grid Services Test
  • Resource Monitoring
    • GPIR Browser
  • Network Monitoring
    • MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher)
  • Info
    • Weekly News
    • Software Updates
  • Help
    • Account Request Help
    • Grid Cert Request Help
  • Cactus Portlets
    • Cactus Simulations (Announce and Notifications enabled)
    • Parameter File Manager
    • Parameter Editor
  • LPFS
    • Threat Level Alert
    • Start Test
    • LPFS Resources
    • Track Map

Users may direct questions to

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