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An interactive parallel session on one of our HPCs allows one to operate interactively (ala shell, etc) while taking advantage of multiple processors/nodes. This is useful for development, debugging, and testing. DO NOT RUN YOUR PRODUCTION CODE INTERACTIVELY because it will have negative impact on other users. The following is meant to be a quick reference on how to achieve such a session on various LSU/LONI resources:

In general, these instructions should work for any AIX box running LoadLeveler with interactive queues enabled.

Terminal Only

From the head node:

 % poe ./a.out -rmpool 1 -nodes 1 -procs 8
  • The above command requires 8 processors on 1 node to run the a.out interactively, -rmpool 1 requires that interactive jobs to be sent to LoadLeveler pool 1.
  • Currently, Pelican only has one node for the interactive queue, hence, maximum node number is 1 and maximum processor number is 8.

The alternative to the above is:

 % setenv MP_RMPOOL 1 (c shell) /  export RMPOOL=1 (bash shell)
 % poe -nodes 1 -procs 8 a.out

Terminal with an X11 Session

The example above isn't really useful when one wants to have a commandline interface to the parallel environment. To do this, one must establish an X11 session inside of the parallel environment set up by LoadLeveler that is forwarded to the user on his local computer.

We are currently trying to figure out how to do this - it is required for interactive parallel debugging on the P5s.

Users may direct questions to

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