Note: The tutorials on Subversion have been transferred from this Wiki to the Moodle course HPC116 - HPC Software Development in anticipation of this Wiki evaporating into the great bit never-never land . . .

Subversion is a method used to take control of governments by working inside their systems. It also happens to be the name of a rather delightful centralized version control system, used heavily across the world.

This tutorial is about the latter. (Sorry, dissidents!)

NOTE: Most of the content of this tutorial is found in this handy Introductory Subversion PDF that was developed elsewhere. The content of this page is meant to help you actually run some commands during the tutorial; concepts and details can be found in the linked PDF.

Also, the Subversion Book is the absolute go-to resource for Subversion. If you have a question about usage, it's almost certainly answered there. Check it out if you want to get serious about Subversion usage. (You can also check out the Further Subversion tutorial, hosted here, for deeper details.)

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