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We assume that you already have an active globus certificate with the LONI CA. If you do not have the LONI issued globus certificate yet, please refer to Obtaining a LONI Grid Certificate to obtain one.

Once you have a valid LONI grid certificate, using the myproxy server setup at, you can store the globus certificate credentials to be made available for your applications.

First, we need to make sure you have myproxy tools available in your path. If not already, login to any of our machines at the Grid Computing Service Nodes for an already set up globus environment.

Second, make sure that you have globus certificates directory on the machine from which you are trying to store the credentials into

sirish@l3f1n03$ ls .globus/
job                   usercert_request.pem
usercert.pem          userkey.pem

Optionally, you can verify if the certificate is valid or not using

sirish@l3f1n03$ grid-proxy-init 
Your identity: /C=US/O=Louisiana Optical Network Initiative/ Tummala
Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy ...................................................... Done
Your proxy is valid until: Thu Dec  4 01:33:01 2008
sirish@l3f1n03$ grid-proxy-info 
subject  : /C=US/O=Louisiana Optical Network Initiative/ Tummala/CN=1150172559
issuer   : /C=US/O=Louisiana Optical Network Initiative/ Tummala
identity : /C=US/O=Louisiana Optical Network Initiative/ Tummala
type     : Proxy draft (pre-RFC) compliant impersonation proxy
strength : 512 bits
path     : /tmp/x509up_u26027
timeleft : 11:59:50

Now that you have setup a valid and working certificate, its time to store it using myproxy tools in our credential management server at

sirish@l3f1n03$ myproxy-init -s
Your identity: /C=US/O=Louisiana Optical Network Initiative/ Tummala
Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy ..................................... Done
Proxy Verify OK
Your proxy is valid until: Wed Dec 10 13:35:50 2008
Enter MyProxy pass phrase:
Verifying - Enter MyProxy pass phrase:
A proxy valid for 168 hours (7.0 days) for user sirish now exists on

The first password you enter during the above command is your LONI grid certificate password. The second password is the one that 'you will assign' for your applications to use so that they can retrieve the proxy from the server.

If you want to verify the retrieval of your proxy from the credential server, first destroy the generated proxy on the machine using


Then use the following command and enter the second password that you assigned for the applications to use to retrieve.

sirish@l3f1n03$ myproxy-logon -s
Enter MyProxy pass phrase:
A credential has been received for user sirish in /tmp/x509up_u26027.

By default, the proxy will be valid for 7 days on the credential management server. If you would like to customize this behavior or know about any more options that you might want to use, it can be useful to read the immediate help available to the command.

myproxy-init -help
myproxy-logon -help

If you are curious about the myproxy credential management system, please refer to the Myproxy Credential Management Service

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