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The IBM Power5 clusters use LoadLeveler for queue management.

Interactive Jobs

An interactive parallel session allows users to execute jobs interactively, while taking advantage of multiple processors/nodes. This is useful for development, debugging, and testing. DO NOT RUN YOUR PRODUCTION CODE INTERACTIVELY as it will have negative impact on other users.

[user@machine]$ poe ./program.ex -rmpool 1 -nodes 1 -procs 8
  • The above command requires 8 processors on 1 node to run program.ex interactively, -rmpool 1 requires that interactive jobs to be sent to LoadLeveler pool 1.

Batch Jobs

For MPI Jobs use the following LoadLeveler script:

#@ job_type = parallel 
#@ class = checkpt
#@ node = 2
#@ tasks_per_node = 8
#@ wall_clock_limit = HH:MM:SS
#@ job_name = NAME
#@ network.MPI =sn_all,not_shared,US
#@ output = myjob.out 
#@ error = myjob.err 
#@ environment = COPY_ALL 
#@ queue

/usr/bin/poe /path/to/your/program/program.ex

Submit the job by executing:

[user@machine]$ llsubmit script

LoadLeveler Keywords

Required LoadLeveler Keywords
Keyword Description
#@ account_no = project_name Specifies the project that will be charged.
#@ job_type = parallel Specifies that your job is parallel
#@ class = class Specifies that your job should be run in the submit class class.
#@ node = N Specifies that your job will use N nodes
#@ tasks_per_node = N Specifies the number of tasks that will run on each node.
#@ wall_clock_limit = HH:MM:SS Specifies that your job requires HH:MM:SS of wall clock time.
#@ queue Places your job in the queue; must be the last keyword specified.

Other Loadleveler Keywords
Keyword Description
#@ network.MPI =sn_all,not_shared,US Specifies communication protocol and adapters.
#@ job_name = name Specifies the name of your job.
#@ output = myjob.out Specifies the name and location of STDOUT. If not given, the default is std.out.
#@ error = myjob.err Specifies the name and location of STDERR. If not given, the default is std.err.
#@ environment = COPY_ALL Specifies that all environment variables from your shell should be used.

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