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Under special circumstances, the LONI admins can allow a user to reserve computing time by using LoadLeveler's reservations capabilities. The general procedure, once an admin has allowed a specific user the permissions to do this, is:

  1. create a reservation using llmkres
  2. setting the environmental variable, LL_RES_ID, with the reservation id returned
  3. submit the job script using llsubmit

Making the reservation

The llmkres utility is used to make the reservation.


llmkres -t 01/17/2005 02:00 -d 420

Where -t specifies the date and time to start the reservation. The -d flag specifies the duration of the reservation in minutes.

A wealth of options are available via man llmkres.

After your reservation starts, you need to bind your jobs with your reservation by

llbind -R reservation_id job_id

Listing currently made reservations

Use llqres.

Removing an existing reservation

Use llrmres.

llrmres -R all | res_id

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