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LoadLeveler Information

LoadLeveler sets the following environment variables that you may access from your job, if you need to have this information. These may be used inside of your submit scripts.

LOADLBATCH Set to YES to indicate that the job is running under LoadLeveler
LOADL_ACTIVE Contains the LoadLeveler version number.
LOADL_JOB_NAME The three part identifier for your job: of the form (name of submitting machine).(Job ID number).(Step ID number)
LOADL_PROCESSOR_LIST A blank delimited list of hostnames allocated for running a job.
LOADL_STEP_ARGS Any arguments passed to the executable for a job step.
LOADL_STEP_COMMAND The name of the executable or the name of the Job Command file if the executable is not specified.
LOADL_STEP_ERR The file used for Standard Error messages.
LOADL_STEP_GROUP The Unix group name of the job's owner
LOADL_STEP_IN The file used for standard input.
LOADL_STEP_INITDIR The initial working directory.
LOADL_STEP_NAME The name of the job step.
LOADL_STEP_NICE The Unix nice value that your job step is executing with. Set by Systems Administrators.
LOADL_STEP_OUT The file for standard output.
LOADL_STEP_OWNER The user id for the job's owner.
LOADL_STEP_TYPE The job type, may be SERIAL or PARALLEL.

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