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Shells on LONI p575s

A user may choose between using /bin/bash and /bin/tcsh. Details about each shell follows.


System resource file: /etc/profile

When one access the shell, the following user files are read in if they exist (in order):

  1. ~/.bash_profile (anything sent to STDOUT or STDERR will cause things like rsync to break)
  2. ~/.bashrc (interactive login only)
  3. ~/.profile

When a user logs out of an interactive session, the file ~/.bash_logout is executed if it exists.

The default value of the environmental variable, PATH, is set automatically using SoftEnv. See Managing the Environment with SoftEnv for more information.


The file ~/.cshrc is used to customize the user's environment if his login shell is /bin/tcsh.

Changing One's Shell

LONI users can change their shell by issuing the following command on an interactive node (eg -

# loni_chsh

When run with no arguments, this command will display a list of available shells as well as the user's current shell and prompts for a replacement shell. Optional arguments to the command are -l, which lists the available shells only, and -s, which, when followed by a shell name, will change the shell to the given value without prompting the user

Users may direct questions to

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