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Job Submission

First things First

Initialize your globus proxy.

[sirish@portal1 ~]$ grid-proxy-info 
Your identity: /C=US/O=Louisiana Optical Network Initiative/ Tummala
Enter GRID pass phrase for this identity:
Creating proxy .......................................... Done
Your proxy is valid until: Wed Oct  7 03:12:48 2009

Interactive Job Submission

Command Help

Lets look at the command help page

[sirish@portal1 ~]$ globus-job-run -help
Usage: globus-job-run
      [-help|-usage]                     print usage and exit
      [-version]                         print version and exit

Serial Jobs

Fork Type

Lets submit a simple date command to remote machine as a fork job

[sirish@portal1 ~]$ globus-job-run /bin/date
Tue Oct  6 20:24:00 UTC 2009
[sirish@portal1 ~]$

Command with arguments

[sirish@portal1 ~]$ globus-job-run /bin/echo "Hello World"
Hello World
PBS Scheduler (LINUX Machines)

Submitting a serial job to PBS Scheduler

[sirish@portal1 ~]$ globus-job-run /bin/echo "Hello World"
Running PBS prologue script

show complete output
Loadleveler Scheduler (AIX Machines)

submitting a serial job to Loadleveler

Batch Job Submission

Data Management

Data Transfer

Interactive Data Transfer

Batch Data Transfer

Data Deletion

Interactive Data Deletion

Batch Data Deletion

Credential Management

Interactive Credential Management

Credential usage by Applications

Users may direct questions to

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