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"The IMSL Libraries are a comprehensive set of mathematical and statistical functions that programmers can embed into their software applications. The IMSL Libraries provide high-performance computing software and expertise needed to develop and execute sophisticated numerical analysis applications. These libraries free users from developing their own internal code by providing pre-written mathematical and statistical algorithms that can be embedded into C, C#, Java™, and Fortran applications."

Version and availability

The IMSL library 6.0 was available under a trial license on Eric, Oliver, Louie, Poseidon and Queen Bee. The trial license HAS EXPIRED on 7/31/08.


First you need to add "+imsl-6.0" to your .soft file and resoft.

Then you need to source the scripts that set up your environment.

If your code is written in Fortran, then

(for bash)
(for tcsh)
source $IMSL_FBIN/fnlsetup.csh
source $IMSL_FBIN/lnxin100e64.csh

If your code is written in C, then

(for bash)
(for csh)
source $IMSL_CBIN/cnlsetup.csh
source $IMSL_CBIN/lnxin91e64.csh

Now you can compile and link your code:

ifort -o myexec mycode.f90 $LINK_FNL -lguide -lpthread
icc -o myexec mycode.c $LINK_CNL -lguide -lpthread
mpif90 -o myexec_par mycode.f90 $LINK_MPI -lguide -lpthread


IMSL user's guide:

Users may direct questions to

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