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LONI has purchased five IBM Power5 575 clusters that will be deployed at the LONI member institutions and interconnected via the LONI optical network. In accordance with LONI's mission, these clusters are meant to further scientific research statewide, fostering technical and economic development for all of Louisiana.

LONI 575 Clusters

Listed below is the name, location, Internet2-accessible hostname and status of each cluster:

Cluster Name Location Hostname Status
Bluedawg Louisiana Tech open for use
Ducky Tulane University open for use
Zeke University of Louisiana at Lafayette open for use
Neptune University of New Orleans open for use
LaCumba Southern University undergoing installation

Hardware Details

Each of the clusters is composed of 14 Power5 systems, providing 13 compute nodes and a single interactive, or "head," node.

Individual 575 System Specifications

CPU 8 (single core) x 1.9 GHz IBM Power5 64 bit processors
Memory 16 GB
Ethernet Adapters 4 x 1Gb ethernet network adapters
High Speed Interconnect 1 IBM High Performance Switch network adapter
Local Disk 2 x 146 GB IBM Ultrastar SCSI disk drives

Given these numbers, each cluster provides 112 processors and 224 Gigabytes of RAM to the LONI resource pool.

The lscfg command will give specific configuration and diagnostic information about the system.

Core Software

Operating System AIX 5.3
Job Management IBM LoadLeveler 3.3.2 and POE 4.2.2
C/C++ Compilers IBM Visual Age v8 and GCC 3.3.2
Fortran Compiler IBM XL Fortran v10

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