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Home Directory

For all LONI Linux clusters, the /home file system quota is 5 GB. Files can be stored on /home permanently, which makes it an ideal place for your source code and executables. The /home file system is meant for interactive use such as editing and active code development. Do not use /home for batch job I/O.

Work (Scratch) Directory

The /work volume on all LONI clusters is meant for the input and output of executing batch jobs and not for long term storage. We expect files to be copied to other locations or deleted in a timely manner, usually within 30-120 days. For performance reasons on all volumes, our policy is to limit the number of files per directory to around 10,000 and total files to about 500,000.

For all LONI 5TF Linux clusters, the quota on /work is 100GB. One can apply for a larger quota if needed. These requests will be evaluated on a case by case basis. The work volumes on the 5TF clusters are not purged automatically.

For Queen Bee, no quota is enforced on /work but we do enforce a 30 days purging policy, which means that any files that have not been accessed for the last 30 days will be permanently deleted. An email message will be sent out weekly to users targeted for a purge informing them of their /work utilization.

Please do not try to circumvent the removal process by date changing methods. We expect most files over 30 days old to disappear. If you try to circumvent the purge process, this may lead to access restrictions to the /work volume or the cluster.

Please note that the /work volume is not unlimited. Please limit your usage rate to a reasonable amount. When the utilization of /work is over 80%, a 14 day purge may be performed on users using more than 2 TB or having more than 500,000 files. Should disk space become critically low, all files not accessed in 14 days will be purged or even more drastic measures if needed. Users using the largest portions of the /work volume will be contacted when problems arise and they will be expected to take action to help resolve issues.

The current version of Lustre has problems deleting a large number of files quickly with a rm -rf. Use the scripts purge or rmpurge to delete files and directory trees to prevent locking up the file system.

Project Directory

For Queen Bee, there is also a project volume. To obtain a directory on this volume, an allocation request needs to be made. Allocations on this volume are for a limited time, usually 6 months. This volume uses quotas and is not automatically purged. An allocation of 100 GB can be obtained easily by any user, but greater allocations require justification and higher level of approval. Any allocation over 1 TB requires approval from the LONI allocations committee which meats every 3 months. Since this is a limited resource, approval is also based on availability.

Checking One's Quota

Issuing the following command,

$ showquota

results in output similar to:

 Disk quotas for user lyan1 (uid 24106): 
     Filesystem    MB used       quota
     /home             105        5000
     /work             606      100000

Users may direct questions to

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