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File Systems

Home Directory

Mount point: /home/username

Users have a quota of 500MB for their home directory. This can be considered permanent storage as long as a valid user account is held. If users exceed their quota, they will begin receiving error messages when they try to use more disk space. Once the storage exceeds 550MB all operations that would result in allocating more disk space in the home directory will fail.

Local Scratch

Mount point: /scratch

Every cluster has local scratch space on each node that may be used to temporarily store files during the execution of a job. The amount of space within the /scratch file system varies from node to node (depending on the total amount of disk space available).

Note: Any file a job writes to /scratch will be deleted as soon as the job completes. The user is responsible for making sure desired data is copied to an appropriate location before the job terminates.

Work Directory

Mount point: /work/default/username

Users have a quota of 20GB within this filesystem.

Bluedawg Exception

Due to the lack of space in the Bluedawg NFS filesystem mounted at /work/nfs101/, additional disk has been made available on that cluster. Users may access the space via the path /work/nfs102/ or using the canonical name /mnt/lpfs.nfs102/. This disk space is larger than that offered by the original work disk and the per-user quota has been increased to 50GB.

Purging Work File System

As with the other work file system, the given quotas represent an overcommittment of the disk. This decision allows jobs generating large datasets to run on this hardware. However, given this fact, please treat this filesystem as a temporary resource meant to store data for the running of jobs only. Your fellow users will appreciate it. This request also pertains to all other LONI cluster filesystems.

Checking One's Quota

Issuing the following command:

> quota -v
Filesystem        blocks    quota    limit  grace  files  quota   limit  grace
/mnt/home         77832    500000   550000         1111    5000    5500         
/mnt/work.nfs101  75884  20000000 20500000         222   900000 1000000

This will tell one how close he is to the quota limit.

Notes on Number of Files in a Directory - All users should limit the number of files that they store in a single directory to < 1000. Large numbers of files stored within a single directory can severly degrade performance, negatively impacting the experience of all individuals using that filesystem.

Users may direct questions to

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