Deprecated: please see new documentation site.

Currently, PBS is configured so that the standard output/error of their jobs are redirected to temporary files and copied back to the final destination after their jobs finish. Hence, users can only access the standard output after their jobs finish. However, PBS does provide another method for users to check standard output/error in real time, i.e.

qsub -k oe pbs_script 

The "-k oe" option at the qsub command line specifies that standard output or standard error streams will be retained on the execution host. The stream will be placed in the home directory of the user under whose user id the job executed. The file name will be the default file name given by: where is the name specified for the job, and is the sequence number component of the job identifier. For example, if a user submits a job to Queenbee with job name "test" and job id '1223', then the standard output/error will be test.o1223/test.e1223 in the user's home directory. This allows users to check their stdout/stderr while their jobs are running.

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