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pkgsrc is an infrastructure maintained by the NetBSD folks, which stemmed as a generalization of FreeBSD's ports system.

pkgsrc does what we want autobuild to do, and more; it is actively maintained and is used by a large number of individuals and projects.

It offers some interesting possibilities;

  1. LSU HPC/LONI could initiate support for HPC platforms, which could be used by other HPC groups in our position; this could be a novel contribution to HPC system management, worldwide
  2. we could maintain both pkgs that are available for public consumption and those that are specific to our needs, and hence do not need to be shared
  3. we could provide users access to a limited number of application, which would allow them to easily install and manage packages in their home directory
    • this possibility, in particular, is the most exciting since it will take some load off of our shoulders and give power users a level of control and autonomy that they'd appreciate
  4. lastly, there is a TON! of applications that are actively included in the default pkgsrc distribution


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