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Interactive Utilities

Only ssh access is allowed for interactive access. One would issue a command similar to the following:

 ssh -X -Y

The user would then be prompted for his password. The -X -Y flags allow for X11 forwarding to be set up automagically.

For a Windows client, please look at the puTTY utility.

File Transfer Utilitities

These are non-interactive utilities used for transfering files from one machine to another. Support clients include:

  • scp
  • rsync
  • winscp (on Windows)

For more information, please see Transferring Files and Advanced SSH and SCP Topics.


On Campus

All host instition networks should be able to directly connect to any LONI machine since a connection to the Internet 2 network is available.

At Home

All LONI machines are only accessible via Internet 2 networks. This means that one will most likely not to directly connect to a LONI machine from home. This leaves one with the option of first logging into a network that does provide access to Internet 2. All machines on a host institution's network should be able to access a LONI machine.

For example, LSU users are encouraged to first login to a machine like Tezpur, then login to the LONI machine of their choice.

Users may direct questions to

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