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The Louisiana Optical Network Initiative, or LONI, is a state-of-the-art fiber optics network that runs throughout Louisiana, connecting the National LambdaRail, Internet2, and research universities in Louisiana and Mississippi. LONI connects Louisiana's major research universities:

It allows for greater research collaboration, producing faster and more accurate results. LONI provides Louisiana researchers with one of the most advanced optical networks in the country and the most powerful distributed supercomputer resources available to any academic community with over 85 teraflops of computational capacity.

LONI puts the state on the Internet2 and the National LambdaRail, allowing Louisiana researchers to collaborate with scientists around the country and the world on major initiatives. Former Louisiana Governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco has committed $40 million throughout a 10-year period to fund and advance LONI.

LONI connects supercomputers at the participating universities and other computing resources throughout Louisiana, and is centered around a 50-teraflops supercomputer called Queen Bee. Located in the state Information Systems Building in downtown Baton Rouge, Queen Bee is the core cluster of LONI and is ranked 224th on the June 2010 Top500 List . The supercomputer's name comes from former Governor Blanco's nickname, and it was named to honor her commitment to building LONI during her administration.

Note: All LONI IBM p575 clusters have been decommissioned as of June 30, 2012.

Status of LONI Systems

System Name Nodes SMP Size Total CPUs Memory/Node TFLOPS Work Disk Location Load Running jobs Queued jobs
Queen Bee 680 8 5440 8 GB 50.7 58 TB LSU 100 123
Eric 128 4 512 4 GB 4.772 9 TB LSU 75 124
Oliver 128 4 512 4 GB 4.772 9 TB ULL 43 0
Louie 128 4 512 4 GB 4.772 9 TB Tulane 53 0
Poseidon 128 4 512 4 GB 4.772 9 TB UNO 44 1
Painter 128 4 512 4 GB 4.772 9 TB LaTech 34 0

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